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The historic concert in London (May 2005) to celebrate Peggy's 70th birthday is now available in from Appleseed. more

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"You might say Peggy is an artist who needs no introduction...She can make a traditional song sound timeless, yet as current as if written yesterday...This is the way traditional music remains alive." Rich Warren The Midnight Special & Folkstage, WFMT Radio

"I've just realised I haven't said how much I enjoyed your concert (in Perth, Australia). I love watching real 'pros' work and you're one of the best." (excerpt from a letter from Jim Lloyd, presenter of the BBC Folk on 2 Program for 'half-a-life-time')

"Peggy Seeger: She must be one of the most complete artists around today..." Belfast Telegraph

"The songs on Heading for Home are, all but one, Anglo-American traditional pieces. The selection is classic, the accompaniments simple. These are songs with which I feel completely at home, songs which have lasted for generations and which, I hope, will last for generations more..." Peggy Seeger

"Peggy Seeger, First Woman of Folk, Returns to New York Anchored by Ballads...." Village Voice

"Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger had a profound effect on their contemporaries in the folk music world that can still be heard today. Oak Publications has released songbooks that chronicle their lives and work and that are inextricably linked together. Both deserve serious study as...they tell us something of both artists, their co-operation and political commitment. From Pete Seeger's foreword to The Essential Ewan MacColl, to the closing pages of The Peggy Seeger Songbook, there is much to learn and wonder at." Roy Bailey - April 2002, BBC Online

"Peggy Seeger ranks as one of the most important people who ever graced and shaped the British folk scene." Ken Hunt, 2002 Folk Roots Magazine, August 2002

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